Tinctures and Sprays

Drop or spray the liquid under your tongue and hold for 2 minutes. 5mg CBD per 1/2 dropper (Cinnamint/Natural) For the liposomal shown to the right 1 squirt=1 drop=1mg (Elixinols’ Hemp Extract 300mg or 1,000mg size). The longer you can keep the oil in your mouth, the more CBD will absorb thru the mucosal tissue and get directly into the bloodstream. Once you swallow something, then it must be digested and your supplement is then diluted and also wont take effect for 20-60 minutes. So it is always best to take CBD tinctures under the tongue for best blood absorption!!

Natural and Cinnamint oils contain whole plant nutrients, and even though they are not liposomes (which have better absorption), these options are more powerful than typical CBD oils. Start with 1/4 dropper. Dr. Blair, Elixinol’s medical consultant, recommends doubling the dose until you find benefit. Each of us needs a different dose, dependent upon your condition and your absorption ability. Omega 3’s (specifically DHA/EPA) and Chia/flax/hemp seeds all help with CBD absorption. After a meal with fats is a good time to use the tincture, but not necessary since it comes blended with MCT oil.


Use as needed, but it is best to apply after your shower in the morning when your skin is ready to absorb nutrients. Also apply at bedtime so your body can heal during the night. Always apply before physical therapy or exercise. At least twice a day induces better healing.


We do not dose by weight for people, but must dose by weight for animals. Rule of thumb, start with two drops and slowly increase til your pet shows more spunkiness, better ability to eat, less nipping/barking/anxiety/digging. Best is to directly squirt onto pet’s gums or tongue. The CBD will absorb thru the mucosal tissue and get directly into the bloodstream. You can add the CBD oil to their food, but know that it is less effective (digestion dilutes effectiveness), so you will need more oil. For cats, you can apply the internal tincture (K9 Elixir) to the inside of the ear tip on the skin or their paws (so they lick it off).