CBD Pain Relief Capsules 10 mg each



100% water soluble CBD, CBG, CBC, Turmeric, Frankincense Extracts

Organic, full spectrum, water soluble hemp-derived CBD oil. Water soluble means that it has excellent absorption and quicker onset. Zero THC. Water soluble turmeric is added, making this capsule super effective with another anti inflammatory herb. CO2 extracted, means no residual solvents in the supplement.  Relief comes faster, and you see results with smaller dosages. 30 capsules; 10mg/capsule.

Ingredients: Organically grown, full spectrum (contains more bioactive cannabinoids, terpenes and other bioactive chemicals), water soluble hemp-derived CBD, CBC, CBG hemp oils, water soluble turmeric, water soluble frankincense, corydalis extract. Kosher and halal gelatin capsule. Proprietary water soluble bio-availability technology. Patent pending.


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