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The Benefits of Hemp without THC
Safest and most effective CBD products

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We’ve scoured the country for the safest and most effective CBD Hemp products. All natural ingredients – NO synthetics, solvents, or harmful chemicals in the growing or extraction processes. No THC. Our CBD Topicals contain powerful herbs like turmeric, celery seed, ginger and essential oils to supercharge healing and create beautiful-smelling, luxurious anti-inflammatory creams; plus, we’ve found the healthiest Energy Drinks, Sleep Products and Pet Products on the market today! All organic, whole plant goodness.

As seen on Good Morning America

We’ve scoured the country for the safest and most effective organic CBD products.

Help your pets be anxiety and pain-free. Safe solutions for all types of pets.

Not all CBD products are the same. Our products are organic, full spectrum, whole plant goodness with no added chemicals in the growing or manufacturing processes. 


Dear Ali Your product is a God send. The salve helps immediately. I put it on and lay on a heating pad with the setting on low. My PT told me Monday that the knot in the muscle is getting smaller and smaller. H e has no clue why. A Dr. worked on it all of July thru Sept. He has worked on it since the beginning of October. In one week it has shrunk from a softball size down to a baby's fist. I daily take a (CBD) pill and use the salve. I have not tried the tincture. I will reorder the pills and the salve. I looked for the foot soak that you were giving me but it was not in the package. Should I register on line? should I deal with you directly? Thanks again and God bless you. Gratefully

Donna P

Katie and her dog Petey who has PTSD from a house fire: I think we've finally found our miracle. 3 drops and he came "back to earth" and is now calm, peaceful and blissfully asleep. I was able to cook and eat dinner with my family without the usual manic interruption and focus on Pete. I thank you, Petey thanks you. This is the blessing we've been looking for. I am so grateful.


“Hi Ali, Dale M. here. I’m off crutches (unless I have far to walk) and the nighttime pain pill. If I wake up with nerve pain, I use a little of the topical sample you kindly sent me and it seems to do the trick. The tincture is doing more for pain than for sleep but I MUST quit afternoon caffeine before deciding that. Thanks for your help and your excellent product.


“Hi Ali - I need to order the largest bottle you have of the CBD tincture for use for constipation. I have purchased this from you twice in the past. Thank you so much and I hope you are doing well.” (Rheumatoid Arthritis , Pain, Diabetes) Shary R. 67 Rheumatoid Arthritis , Pain, prediabetic.After one dose (1mg): “OMG!!I didn’t do the 5 drops, but I feel GREAT!”

67 yr old woman

All organic, whole plant goodness.

The healthiest Energy Drinks, Sleep Products and Pet Products on the market today!
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